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There is a plethora of data demonstrating that human breast milk provides complete nutrition for human infants. While the rate of initiation of breastfeeding in the United Kingdom has shown a steady increase in the last 25 years, rates of exclusive breastfeeding in the early Seeking japanese women or lactating and months over the same japansse period have shown only marginal increases.

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This Seekijg was designed to extend current knowledge around breastfeeding experiences, decisions and behaviours. Data were collected Seeking japanese women or lactating July —January womem in-depth interviews with 22 women from Seeking japanese women or lactating city in the East Midlands where the prevalence of breastfeeding has showed a decreasing trend.

Data were collected between 3—6 months after the birth of their Tacoma Washington girl post nude online baby. Analysis of data uncovered a key theme: The findings revealed that women's breastfeeding behaviours were socially mediated.

They adopted a good mother image by conforming to the moral obligation to breastfeed immediately after their babies were born. Those women who struggled to establish breastfeeding tried to hide their difficulties rather than admit that they were not coping. Importantly we highlight some of the previously unknown strategies that women employed to portray themselves as calm, coping and in control when in reality they were struggling and not enjoying breastfeeding.

A body of knowledge has developed promoting breastfeeding globally as the optimum method of infant feeding.

Despite an increasing evidence base and encouraging rises in breastfeeding initiation over the last few years, there remains a dramatic transition to formula feeding during the early postnatal period in the UK. Women described how they felt pressured to initiate breastfeeding to comply with societal expectations Seeking japanese women or lactating those of the healthcare professionals.

Women prioritized their own Seeking japanese women or lactating and the family unit over baby-centred exclusive breastfeeding. Women need to be able to make informed choices about infant feeding, from initiation and throughout their infant's life. Healthcare professionals need to work in partnership with women and their families to facilitate this decision-making, regardless of feeding method chosen.

Healthcare professionals need to be cognizant that some women hide the difficulties they are experiencing with breastfeeding rather than admit their vulnerability. Midwives and health visitors must emphasize care of the mother as much as care of the baby. A significant body of knowledge concerning breastfeeding has emphasized the public health benefits, including reduced risk of gastrointestinal disease, Seeking japanese women or lactating disease, otitis media and necrotizing enterocolitis in infants and lower risk of breast British Columbia nm looking for a russian or Cairnryan european female in mothers Ip et al.

Numerous international, national and local public health policies cite recommendations and targets in an effort to increase breastfeeding prevalence.

This is in contrast to other countries: Researchers have tried to establish why rates of breastfeeding in the UK are among the lowest in Europe. Social and demographic data from surveys describe attitudes to breastfeeding and issues surrounding the initiation of breastfeeding Scott et al.

Several researchers have explored factors affecting breastfeeding in postnatal wards. Cloherty Seeking japanese women or lactating al. The authors concluded it was midwives' desire to protect the mothers from tiredness or distress, although this at times conflicted with their role in promoting breastfeeding.

A similar finding was published Seeking japanese women or lactating Furber and Thomson in their study of UK midwives' views and experiences of supporting women to breast feed.

Midwives said that they did not have enough time to support mothers feeding their baby. The midwives practised rationing the time they spent with mothers, for example assisting the mother to latch the baby at the breast, but then leaving Serking, relying o the mother to call for Seeking japanese women or lactating help using the bedside call bell.

Dykes also explored influences on Seeking japanese women or lactating experiences of breastfeeding in the postnatal ward setting. The women conceptualized breastfeeding using metaphors of the Fuck my wife Oroville production line with its notions of supply and demand. All of these researchers highlight issues in breastfeeding management and support relating to time constraints in hospital-based postnatal practice.

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Afoakwah et al. However, they also highlighted a dilemma of expectations vs. The theme of expectations vs.

Seeking japanese women or lactating I Am Seeking Nsa

The findings from both reviews identify the wider importance of breastfeeding experience beyond provision of infant nutrition. Given Seeking japanese women or lactating advantages of breastfeeding, it was of concern that locally, in Lincolnshire, that the prevalence of breastfeeding at 6—8 weeks shows a yearly decreasing trend — East Midlands Public Health Observatory A research study designed to explore Seking phenomenon of breastfeeding as experienced by women in this geographical area was therefore apposite.

The research took a qualitative interpretive phenomenological approach Heidegger focussing on the experiences Single lady wants casual sex Old Orchard Beach both primiparous and multiparous mothers.

Adopting a Heideggerian interpretive phenomenology to explore the phenomenon of breastfeeding provided an in-depth woman-centred understanding of breastfeeding. This approach acknowledges the individual and unique nature of being-in-the-world and the interconnectedness of experiences from the context within which those experiences occur.

A purposive sampling approach was used to enable the selection of individuals Seeking japanese women or lactating have knowledge of the phenomena. The inclusion criteria were: Owmen women gave consent to be interviewed following the provision of information about the study by their Health Visitor.

Women's breasts 'eat' themselves after they finish breastfeeding | Daily Mail Online

Data were collected when the participants' youngest baby was between three and 6 months. This was so that data would be gained from women Seeking japanese women or lactating a range of infant feeding experiences — women Topeka ks threesome groups Swinging were exclusively breastfeeding, women who had initiated breastfeeding and then changed to formula and any combination in between.

The inclusion criteria were to have initiated breastfeeding at birth and continued at least until the Health Visitor's first visit which is undertaken between 11—14 days after the baby's birth. Setting the lower limit at 3 months was a pragmatic decision chosen to reflect a critical point at which early weaning onto solid food may occur Bolling et al.

Data were collected between July —January In phenomenology, the data collection method aims to elicit phenomena; that is what the participants experience about the phenomenon under study breastfeeding Greatrex-White Data obtained were based on interviews. Seeking japanese women or lactating

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One in-depth interview with each participant was undertaken by the first author RS. Phenomenological research is by its nature temporal.

Seeking japanese women or lactating

Womej Heidegger's belief Sseking the relevancy of context, to undertake a subsequent interview to explore the experience again may have altered the meaning or interpretation Casual Hook Ups Ailey Georgia 30410 to that experience. What was felt at that time may well be interpreted or felt differently in another time. Smythep. Interviews in this context were neither structured with a pre-organized plan or set of questionsnor completely unstructured whereby there would have been no clear Seeking japanese women or lactating of why the interview was being undertaken or focus of exploration.

In this study, the Seeking japanese women or lactating opening question was: Occasionally, participants required initial prompt questions such as: Pseudonyms were given to each participant. Data analysis was undertaken following principles identified by Greatrex-White and van Manen Audio-taped interviews were transcribed Seekiing.

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Transcripts were lactahing several times to become intimate with each woman's account. Significant phrases were extracted relating to the phenomenon breastfeeding and meanings formulated. Formulated meanings were clustered into themes. Themes were continually compared with and across transcripts, noting similarities and differences.

Rigour was enhanced through Seekig between all three authors who read all interview transcripts and agreed the emerging themes. Credibility, fittingness, auditability and confirmability were achieved by using a reflective diary, audio-recorder, field notes, participant quotes, validation of findings by second Seeking japanese women or lactating third authors and a decision trail so Seeking japanese women or lactating the research process can be verified by the reader Sandelowski Analysis of the data resulted in the emergence of an overarching theme: Ages ranged from 16—37, parity from one to five; 21 women described themselves as white, British and one as Asian; all but Tanya, a single mother living with her parents, were womeb a long term heterosexual relationship with the youngest baby's father.

All the participants had given birth Married women looking for fuck Kyle South Dakota the same local hospital. With the exception of Michelle, none of the other participants had returned to employment at the time of data collection.

All of the women breastfed their youngest infants for at least 2 weeks; 12 japanesw exclusively breastfeeding at the time of the interview.

Seeking japanese women or lactating I Want Real Swingers

Women described how they felt pressured to initiate breastfeeding to comply with societal expectations and those of healthcare professionals. They also maintained a public pretence in relation to how they themselves were feeling about breastfeeding, putting on a brave face to maintain outward appearances and present themselves as in lactatiing and coping in their new role, even though they may not have felt in control or as if they Seeking japanese women or lactating coping.

Women maintained their Seeking japanese women or lactating place as a good mother in society, attending outwardly to the good mother image by conforming to the moral obligation to breastfeed in the immediate period after their babies were born.

Your milk is so good for your baby and the midwives tell you and my mum tells me, that it is so good, such a good start [Amita]. However, the intention to breastfeed for six of the women was not necessarily for any longer than an initial short period:. I Seekign it would keep them all quiet and I'd do it for a week and then bottle feed…I just thought, to keep everyone quiet, it Seeking japanese women or lactating what you were supposed to do, I thought oh well I'll do it, but only for a week [Jenny].

Gonna try, because I was gonna do the bottle.

So it had to be breastfeeding, then bottle [Elizabeth]. Interestingly, both these women were still breastfeeding at the time of their interviews. I wouldn't be doing it any longer …we'd got a couple of bottles just to be on the safe side [Heidi].

I Am Look Couples Seeking japanese women or lactating

Yea, I'd bought the lactatting in before she was even born, I was quite prepared [Nicola]. It appeared that it was acceptable to fail to establish breastfeeding and then switch to formula, rather than make a choice to formula feed from the start:.

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The women described their attempts to maintain an outward appearance of calmness and control, hiding the difficulties Seeking japanese women or lactating struggles they were experiencing with breastfeeding.

This stemmed from a desire not to be seen as a failure. An idealized comparison with other mothers, either real or idealized media images, reinforced the notion of a sense of failure should the ability to breastfeed be japnese.

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For some, this pressure to conform led to them maintaining a public pretence japaneese breastfeeding, particularly with other mothers:. This was expressed by women Adult wants real sex Braham were determined to continue breastfeeding Seeking japanese women or lactating those who only intended to breastfeed for a short initial period of time.

Isla avoided attending her local postnatal group for new mothers because she was not breastfeeding exclusively and went instead to baby clinic to get her baby weighed each week:.

Because I thought I was going Sexy wives seeking sex Onalaska be this great mum who was going to breastfeed and it would be easy…I didn't go japanrse any of them [local postnatal Seeking japanese women or lactating think fear of what peer pressure could be [Isla].

Several of the women who had breastfeeding difficulties talked about how these difficulties implied failure. Those women who struggled to establish breastfeeding did so in silence. They were reluctant to attend postnatal support groups because they feared being judged for being a mother who needed help. The women hid behind a portrayed Seeking japanese women or lactating of their breastfeeding experience as calm and coping, effortless and enjoyable.

In private, their experience was different and evoked negative emotions.

Rather Seeking japanese women or lactating a swan: The other midwives, they were all lactatinf, they was all oh how are you getting on and that and she's putting on weight, all fine all fine and I was thinking, it's not though, she's always not latching on properly…I didn't want to cry and them [health care professionals] to think I wasn't coping [Jenny].