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I will be happy to meet you

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Still waiting for a friend i would love to find a mature woman who is as lonley during the day as i am. Dont feel like going to work today if i can get some bs. What I am seeking are women who fantasize the man behind them late at night doing all the things I writeed about.

Age: 25
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: Ready Sexy Meet
City: San Francisco, CA
Hair: Sexy
Relation Type: Im Looking For The Girls Tht Wana Have Fun$

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I'm glad to meet you - typically said during your first meeting "Hi, my name is Roota, I'm glad to meet you. I've heard so much about you.

Sometimes expresses gratitude and happiness. I'm really glad to have met you. Could also be used to connote that the speaker was glad in the past but is probably not happy with this person anymore.

I wish we could hang out again sometime soon. Doesn't carry a negative connotation as "I was glad to have met you".

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If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question. If you met them yesterday, and you're talking with them today — and you actually want to express that you are glad to have met them, rather than just express tl friendly and polite formality — you should say "I'm glad [that] we met [yesterday]".

The usual phrase, on being introduced to someone, is: Please to meet you or Nice to meet you Then, at the end of the conversation, as you're. If you have a free time, I will be happy to meet you/meet you up/meet up with you. Are all three options correct? If yes, what is the difference. I would be happy to, if you were willing to pay me! I would be This is because they require a condition to be met in order for them to be true.

This is especially true if you want to met it when you are not parting from one another, and you wish to continue by explaining some reason why your meeting was timely or fortunate. It's equivalent to saying "I'm glad to have known you.

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I'd say "It's been a pleasure to meet you" just before saying goodbye to someone e. Further application: It's been a pleasure reading your comment, WS2 - That does flow better than: It's been a pleasure to read your comment.

I checked it out on my book and luckily found this.

One example it provides on the same page "He was pleased to have made your acquaintance. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

I am glad to have met you [closed] Ask Question. If I met a person yesterday, could I say, now, "I am glad to have met you"? Or is it better to say: