Moristoun OST

Music plays a key role in Moristoun, from the agonies McSorely suffers as a sadistic Clyde 2 DJ inflicts torture on him during the height of his insomia to the education in country music he receives after becoming a regular at the Tortured Soul.

We've cobbled together a very much unofficial soundtrack for the book on Spotify, 20 tracks that give you a real taste of life on the island. Eighteen of these songs are mentioned in the book and they are bookmarked by two others that reflect the ethos of Moristoun. Here's the full track listing with their YouTube Videos thrown in for good measure.


1. No Storms Come

By The Innocence Mission

2. Night

By Jackie Wilson

3. TIptoe through the Tulips

By Tiny tim

4. I Fall To Pieces

By Patsy Cline

5. Sweet Dreams

Of You

By Patsy Cline

6. Thus Spake Zarathustra

By Richard Strauss

7. Somebody To Love By Jefferson Airplane

8. Don't Get Around Much Anymore

By Tony Bennett

9. Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray

By Patsy Cline

10. The Magic Flute (Extract)

By Mozart

11. Burning Love

By Elvis Presley

12. Little Box Of Pine on the 7.29

By Mac Wiseman

13. They're Hanging Me Tonight

By Marty Robbins

14. Forgiving You Was Easy

By Willie Nelson

15. Little Buddy

By Hank Snow

16. Three-Legged Man

By Steve Goodman

17. The Party's Over By Willie Nelson

18. A-11

By Buck Owens

19. On The Sunnyside Of The Street

By Willie Nelson

20. Is That All

There Is?

By Peggy Lee

If grainy YouTube videos aren't your thing then listen to the playlist on Spotify by clicking on the graphic