Kevin McAllion was born in Dundee but now lives in Glasgow with his wife Thanyalak and daughter Jennifer. He has worked as sports journalist since 1997, when he started out writing football match reports for The Sunday Mail newspaper while still a journalism student.


He has written and edited for a wide range of publications since then, including the Scottish Daily Express, The Big Issue in Scotland, The Herald, The Scottish Standard and The Scottish Daily Mail. He now works full-time as a sub-editor for the Daily Record and Sunday Mail.








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Rhesus Park

Kevin McAllion is the creator, writer and designer of the website which began back in 2013 as an exercise in web design and spawned into the monster it is today. Rhesus Park is probably the world's only spoof on-line monkey park, although such a claim can't be made with any great certainty given the weird and wonderful things the Japanese get up to on the internet these days.


Please pay the site a visit here and wonder at the marvels of this surreal simian world, which includes a runaway chimp called Charlie, the 50 greatest monkey-related songs of all-time, a shop that sells particle accelerators and several actionable claims about minor celebrities. You can also follow Rhesus Park CEO David Alsatian on Twitter (@rhesuspark) and keep up to date with everything that goes on.

Football memories

Kevin McAllion is proud to have contributed towards the Football Memories project, which is set up by Alzheimer Scotland to help those with dementia. You can read Kevin's recollection of the night he saw Rivaldo disgrace himself at the 2002 World Cup in Korea here.

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